No matter what you're looking for in a partner, whether it's a serious relationship or casual fling, first dates don't always have to be awkward. Ultimately, it comes down to the impressions we leave on the other person. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you have a successful first meeting and might even score you date number two.

Talking too much about yourself.

It's important to try and keep the conversation at 50/50 in terms of talking about yourself and asking your date about themselves. No one wants to hear someone ramble about themselves for the entirety of the date, especially when it's your first time meeting them.

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Being on your phone too much.

A very common pet peeve for people is being on a date with someone who keeps looking at their phone. Be respectful of the other person's time. If you are waiting on an an important call or e-mail, be sure to give your date a heads up. If you're serious in getting to know someone, they should get your full attention.

Drinking too much.

Grabbing drinks on the first date is fine, but be sure to limit it to just one or two. Making a good impression means staying present and not becoming too sloppy during the date.

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Not asking questions.

Asking your date questions is a good opportunity to see if there's chemistry. You owe them respect of showing interest because they took the time out of their day to meet with you just as you did for them.

Showing up late.

Showing up promptly at the agreed upon time can make or break the rest of the date. Being late send a message that you don't value their time and starts things off on a bad note. If you're running late, give your date a heads up and apologize when you arrive.

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Talking about past relationships.

The past is the past and the reason for a first date with someone new is to move on. If you aren't finished grieving about a recent breakup, don't go on a date until you feel that you're ready. You want your date to feel special and important.